About Us

 Here at ADM Basketball Academy we are different.  We want our student athletes to look and feel like professionals, so we are providing them with professional trainers in all the areas needed in the game of basketball and all of that under one roof!   Our students will have absolutely no choice but to get better as a basketball player on and off the court. We are not afraid of being role models, building relationships and friendships with parents and our members.  What is interesting today, is that there are tons of student athletes that have extraordinary skills but lack competitiveness and/or knowledge of  how to play the game of basketball.  A large amount of student athletes get overlooked and miss their opportunities to be seen due to so many basketball programs that do not deliver what they promised or simply programs that fall apart because they do not have a fixed home. We are here to provide you with the correct training methods and basketball preparation to perform at the best level that you can,  given your ability.  We are open to all levels of basketball experience, if you are ready to work hard and have the right mindset, ADM is the basketball training program for you. Everyone has to start somewhere so why not start off being trained and treated like a professional. We will be providing access to current and ex professional athletes, giving our academy members an even better outlook of what it really takes to be called one of the best at your profession, a pro. We also provide classes for our parents to help prepare them for the recruiting process.  Keep in mind that we have insiders that know what colleges are looking for, why they want a player, what they want in a player as well as the academic requirements from a student athletes standpoint. High school, AAU and NCAA can become tricky at times and if not careful a little mistake could put ones college career in jeopardy. Here at ADM basketball academy those problems are fixed. Plus with all the hard work and dedication the parents and student athletes put into the game of basketball our staff are committed to put in even more work and dedication to help your child reach their highest potential!

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